Find Freelance Writers

Find Freelance Writers

Finding freelance writers is easy. Finding the right freelance writer is not. 

It's all about making sure you do your homework and ask the right questions. And I'm sure your first question is: 

How Do I Find the Right Freelance Writer?

Asking for recommendations on LinkedIn is a good first step.

In your post, tell people the basics about the need you have, whether it's an email campaign for a product in the medical device industry or you're looking for a reporter to pen restaurant reviews. 

There are also plenty of writers on UpWork and Fiverr that may be able to help you. 

Once you create your ad and applicants begin pouring in, make sure to vet them. Take a look at their portfolios, and recommendations, and results. 

That leads to an important question since you're here...

Why is Chris Alexis the Writer for Me?

I hope that I am! Please take a look at my portfolio and my testimonials. My previous work will speak for itself.

When it comes to what it's like to actually collaborate with me, that's where the testimonials come in. 

People Recommend Me

Kelsey Wiebe was a previous collaborator. She said:

"I worked with Chris at a company where we both were freelancers. He offers a great attitude, willingness to learn and appreciation for teamwork. He provides a strong work ethic and nice communication skills that help us all get the job done. Always a pleasure working with Chris!"

Tom Meehan said:

"Chris is a highly engaged colleague who brings enthusiasm and a can-do attitude to the workplace. Through his communication skills, passion for the work and commitment to getting the job done, he engages with colleagues and clients to ensure that projects are completed on time and that client goals are met."

Chip Ramsey referred to me as "one of the good ones out there!"

I Provide Results

Here's an example: Through my SEO work, I was able to help a digital agency reach Page 1 of Google. 


My marketing efforts also helped an organization known as GETDOT achieve a 25% increase in event attendanceMy biggest strategy, which was relevant to their goals, was media relations. 

One last example: 

The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) was a virtual school. Completely online with the exception of a few in-person field trips. (And this was before COVID!) 

The problem was a lack of parent engagement. I solved their problem by evolving their quarterly two-page, printed newsletter into a fully developed magazine.

Simultaneously, I created so much content that school leaders created a new website to host it. With this new tool and content, I collaborated with their social media manager to target parents.  

As a result, their engagement went up by 20%.

The Bottom Line

I was able to help them, and I want to be able to help you.

Email me at to get the conversation started.





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