Finding Writers for Hire Near Me

Finding Writers for Hire Near Me


You have a project and need to hire a freelance writer who lives in the same town as you. Sure, plenty of people can do the job around the globe—and they can work remotely. But you need someone you can actually meet with.

Being onsite can be important for some projects. I completely get it. And many folks find themselves in similar positions.

They say, "I need writers for hire near me so they can meet with staff members." Perhaps they have a VIP who will be onsite and needs to be interviewed. Maybe a writer needs to physically be onsite to understand the locale they'll be writing about. 

Or a variety of other reasons. 

Well, no worries. I have the information that can help you find a local freelance writer. 

Let's dig in, shall we? 

Start with Your Personal Network

An ideal first step is to ask your network for references. You can do this in multiple ways. For example, you can ask both present and past colleagues who they have hired before that worked well.

You can also make a post on LinkedIn, asking for recommendations. Most folks on the platform are eager to help and will supply you with a variety of possibilities. The next step is to simply send a private message to the contact and ask them about their experiences working with that writer. 

Make a Social Media Post 

Speaking of LinkedIn, people who need freelance help make personal posts all the time. And they almost always get swarms of replies (and quickly to boot). 

In the post, simply ask that only people in your specific geographic location apply. Another way to word it is by describing the opportunity as "hybrid," which is a combination of on-site and remote work.

Reach out to Local Professional Organizations 

Many cities have professional organizations to which numerous writers belong. Examples include local chapters of the American Marketing Association and the American Advertising Federation.

A quick Google search will help you find their websites with no problem. (They almost always have a presence on social media as well.) 

It won't take you long to find a contact email or phone number. Reach out and ask how you can find freelance writers who can help with your particular project.

Trust me, your opportunity will jet through the grapevine, and you'll find plenty of candidates to choose from. 

Use Google 

Some people just type in "writers for hire near me," and can find some options. For example, you'll be immediately met with ads for websites like Upwork and Thumbtack. 

You may find this to be sufficient. But using the other methods I've described will give you a larger pool of candidates you may have never discovered otherwise. 

Select the Right Candidate

Once you find a small pool of potential fits, ask to see their online portfolios. This will give you an immediate snapshot of their talents.

Once you narrow it down, there's nothing wrong with setting up a quick 20-minute call with each of them, where you can ask about things like timelines and quotes. 

Do you need to turn something around in a week? Sooner? You want to make sure you find can a writer who can provide what you need within your allotted schedule.

But please know if the turnaround is tight, many professional writers will charge a rush fee. This is usually a 25% bump in price. It doesn't always happen, but you may run into it. 

Of course, make sure you find a local writer who is willing to accept an amount that is within your budget. 

Final Thoughts

If you want a solid list of local writers, my suggestions will absolutely help you find plenty of quaified candidates. And then you will have an abundance of options, which is always good when you have an important project that needs to be completed successfully! 

It's my sincere that this blog entry was helpful. If so, please share it on social media, or text/email it to someone who could benefit! 

Thanks so much for reading! I consider it an honor.

All my best. 


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