Freelance Writers for Hire

Freelance Writers for Hire


If you're looking for freelance writers to hire, LinkedIn is a great first step.

The truth is that many writers build relationships to create their respective client bases. And what better way to create those connections than the social media platform designed around careers and companies? 

Why LinkedIn is Ideal to Find Freelance Writers for Hire

Most freelance writers have a presence on LinkedIn. This is a great way to learn more about them, take a gander at their profiles, and even take note of their posts. It gives you a window into their personalities and ambitions.

Freelance Writer for Hire

Look for Testimonials on LinkedIn for Freelance Writers

On top of this, you can also see testimonials on their page. This gives you a snapshot of other clients' experiences. 

And I already know what you're thinking: Only good reviews will appear in the testimonials. No sane person would allow a negative write-up to appear on their page.

But look at it this way: How many people are offering glowing reviews for this particular freelance writer?

If the writer is problematic, they'll likely have trouble procuring many testimonials. But if they have numerous ones to view, that can clue you in that they are worth a closer look.

LinkedIn Testimonials for Freelance Writer for Hire

Connections on LinkedIn for Freelance Writers 

Next, look at the writer's connections. See who interacts with their posts the most often. If you're looking for additional references, you can simply message these connections and ask them about working with the writer in question. 

Freelance Writer Portfolios on LinkedIn

Finally, most freelance writers will share their portfolios on their LinkedIn pages. 

These portfolios will give you a very clear sign of the writer's talent and experience. And many of these pages also include their rates.

It's also important to note you will likely find more portfolios to review on LinkedIn than you would using a traditonal search engine. Fun fact: Only a very small percentage of the internet is even indexed on Google! 

The Bottom Line

If you're looking to find freelance writers for hire, LinkedIn is a great resource that can make your search much easier.

Hopefully, your quest to find a freelance writer ends ... on this website! I offer a variety of services, including blogs, landing pages, and social media campaigns. 

If you have any questions, shoot me a message in the contact form, or just email me at

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