Networking to Get Freelance Clients

Networking to Get Freelance Clients

Looking for more freelance clients? Diversifying your approach is a big step in right direction. While conventional methods like proposals and working through online platforms are effective, you can't forget networking. 

Take Advantage of Professional Organizations

There are plenty of professional networking groups for just about any industry you can think of. Google is your friend here in finding them. For example: Living in Central Ohio, I've found immense value in my working with the American Marketing Association, Columbus Chapter. Currently serving as the president-elect, I work alongside other marketing professionals, attend networking events, have grown the people I can seek out for connections and advice. 

Attending Networking Events 

You saw I mentioned networking events above. FInd out where and when these are (they'll be listed on the organization's website) and go. These gatherings not only expand your professional network but also offer avenues for ongoing professional development. Iron sharpens iron! 

Get Involved in Multiple Professional Organizations

Diversifying your involvement amplifies the sheer size of your network. This summer, I'm set to join the board of the American Advertising Federation, Columbus Chapter, adding another layer to my connections. This opens doors to professionals from various agencies who might seek out my freelance writing services. WIN! 

A Call to Action for Freelancers

In conclusion, it's my most sincere recommendation to actively participate in professional organizations. Expanding your client base by simply forming relationships. Even for introverts, finding small ways to contribute can unlock doors that might otherwise remain closed.

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