Email Sample: SD-WAN

Email Sample: SD-WAN

Hi <<First Name>>,

Does your business have a reliable and secure data network? If not, you and your employees might face issues surrounding slow application performance, packet loss, and poor user experience.

Let’s talk about SD-WAN.

It’s effortless and could make a very noticeable change in your business’ network performance. A software-defined vast area network (SD-WAN) is quickly becoming the go-to for many organizations looking to optimize the performance of their networks.

What is SD-WAN

We would love to open a conversation with you about this and the differences you’ll quickly notice.

Here’s a quick list of SD-WAN benefits:

  • Best overall value and functionality

  • Agility and speed when adding locations

  • Redundancy, scalability, and fault tolerance

  • Quality of experience in critical applications

  • Simplification of operations

  • Connectivity to other cloud-based solutions

  • Dynamic bandwidth

  • Cost-effective upgrades

  • Support whenever you need it

  • Application acceleration and optimization

We want your company to run at its best. Why allow anything to slow you down?

Feel free to call us at (858) 886-9150 if you have questions. We would love to chat and explain more.

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